Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ctrl, Alt, Delete

I need a reboot. I want a do over. This week sucked!

I went out Monday night to go meet my knitting buddies at Panera and the truck wouldn't start. No turning over, no clicking noise, nothing. So I didn't go. I could have used the Pathfinder, but I don't like driving it. So I stayed home and did my knitting on the couch.

Tuesday I had the Sears repairman coming (dishwasher issues) so I couldn't call the dealer right away about the truck. The Sears guy said it was a clog in the line and cleared it right away. Awesome! Okay, not. The pump was also bad. They could fix it for $506 or I could buy a new machine for $378. So now I had to go dishwasher shopping. OH wait! The truck still won't start. Call up Ford and arrange to have it looked at. Call up AAA because we have free towing up to 100 miles and the Ford place is only 4 miles away. AAA jump starts the truck instead and I drive it over there. New battery and several mysterious maintenance things latter, I have my truck back.

Wednesday I go dishwasher shopping. I hate shopping for appliances. You need to have your lottery winnings in your pocket when you go looking, because I gaurantee what you want is not in your budget. But I got a decent machine for about what we expected to pay. Can you install that? Oh sure. We'll have our contracted technician call you. Two days later.

But it's finally installed and working. No leaks, not overly noisy, doesn't match any other appliance in our kitchen (guess we're starting over) so everything is good. The truck is running great, the dishes are done without me having to stand at the sink several times a day, Katie's packing her stuff in preparation for moving day on Monday, and all is, finally, right with the world. As much as we can expect it to be anyway.

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