Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Moving Day!

And Katie and Rich are off getting the U-Haul that Katie rented because the forecast was for rain. Nope. Another 'bright, sunshiney day'. The cats are locked up so no one can go scampering out into the street, the garage is full of boxes and bits of furniture, and as soon as they get back with the truck we can load up and head on out of here. Well, they can load up. I don't do "load", I have a note. But I'm in charge of lunch. I get to go get some large pizzas from Safeway's deli and a couple of growlers from Jack's Brew Pub and then try to find this apartment complex on my own. Ummmm....does any one else see anything wrong with this plan? No? Well, then stay tuned.

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