Sunday, January 18, 2009

My gingerbread man had a bit too much eggnog.

But I like him anyway. This little guy is for the Christmas Monthly Make Ahead group on Ravelry. January is decorations for home or tree, so this one is for the tree. I have a couple other ornaments that aren't quite finished yet, but I'll be posting those in a couple of days.

I've also been working on amigurumi mushrooms for Julie....light pink on the bottom and dark pink on the top. Two are almost finished, but they don't have faces yet, and the 3rd one I have to wait until John can print the pattern out for me. So Julie, they'll be late, but you'll get them before the end of the month.

Tomorrow I'll be looking through all my boxes and containers for squares that have accumulated over the years. These are all crocheted and were intended for afghans, but I just never got them put together. Well there's a young lady on Ravelry named Reilley who is participating in her school's Pay It Forward project, so she's started a group on Ravelry and is asking for squares to be sent to her which she (and probably her mom an aunts) will assemble to be distributed in February. What a great thing she's doing, and what a great opportunity for me to help some one on several levels while cleaning out my stash of squares. So a large box or two will be headed to her this week. I think I'll take the time to assemble my squares first as this thing has really taken root with the Ravelers. She's going to have a lot of donations.

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