Sunday, February 1, 2009

If at first you don't succeed.....

.....go back and read the instructions. And be sure you read what's actually there and not what you think is there. I started this the other night and had to rip it out twice because it wasn't coming out right. So I went back to the original pattern and read what was actually there. Well, duh! And it came out perfect. This is a knitted basket weave stitch (or woven basket stitch) that was published in a really old Mon Tricot stitch guide. I saw the dishcloth on Ravelry and immediately put it in my queue because it was such a different stitch, and I like learning new stitches. But the pattern directions weren't copied correctly, so I had to dig a little further to the actual source (which was the Mon Tricot) and voila. One dishcloth. Here's a close up of the stitches. They really look like they've been woven. The yarn is Peaches and Cream (available at WalMart) in the gum drop colorway. I used a 54 stitch cast on and just knitted until it was square. The bind off is kind of different: K2tog, * k2tog, pass first stitch over second stitch; repeat from * across row. You end up with half the sitches but a straight edge. Otherwise you have a ruffle for a bind off row. Then I just did a one row single crochet from the right side all the way around to finish. One more addition to the gift pile.
This is my other project this week. This is Mr Mosquito. He's currently sitting on top of the tv. The pattern says he comes out about 7", but he's actually closer to 10. That's okay. He's still cute. I love the way Paola Navarro does the eyes on her amis. They're so goofy. He's even got a uni-brow and hair. He's great and so much fun to do. Takes a lot of time though.

My projects this week will include a few more dishcloths that I have in my queue on Ravelry and a garter stitch snake scarf. One of the groups is doing a knit-a-long, and I have the necessary colors, so I'm going to join in. This one will also be a gift.
Sounds like Stupid Bowl is about to start. Better go get a good seat so I can make snide remarks.


The Banjaxed Cat said...

Love the Basket weave stitch but I cannot find anywhere online that demonstrates you know of a site?

I know its Stupid bowl but it gives me the excuse to knit into the wee small hours over here in Belfast.

Wish I had some of Wendy's Sheep Dip..but then I'd need a designated knitter "grin".

Happy Groundhog Day!

candi said...

I found the pattern on Ravelry, but you can find it here as well. Just remember to read what's actually there and not just what you think is there. It took me 3 tries to get it right. Let me know how you do with it. I thought it was a lot fo fun. Went fast.

Ended up watching the whole game and getting some serious knitting time in. Sure wish I'd had some Sheep Dip though. I might have come up with an entirely new stitch!

The Banjaxed Cat said...

Thanx for that. I've copied and pasted it on to my one notes. It'll have to go to the back of my q. I'm knitting socks for my daughter - really old Patons Woolcraft pattern that I'm modifying, a couple of catnip mice for friends/dad, a lacy scarf, a replica human heart for my other half for Valentine, looking for a new job and making plans for going to you think I could knit during lectures lol? When I've tried it I'll let you know. Thanx again.

candi said...

Sure. I know a lot of folks who knit during lectures. It helps keep them focused.

You sound like me...knitting multiple things while looking for a job. At my age I'm afraid going back to school isn't an option, though. Something about the law of diminishing returns. email me: I'd like to hear how it all goes with you.