Friday, March 27, 2009

Just moving along

I don't have any pictures to post this time. It appears that I need new batteries for the camera. I've put that on my to-do list along with buying eyes for the sheep I can't show you yet and getting a suitably goofy birthday card fot Katie. She turns 27 on Sunday. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

I haven't been idle while I've been absent from the blog. I designed and made a sheep amigurumi (he's really cute) and I knitted another ruffle scarf (in purple this time) and I started a cowl called Harmonia's Rings. It's a design by Sivia Harding which will probably mean nothing to most of those reading this, but she's a fantastic knit wear designer. She's done some stunning shawls that I really want to try, but this cowl just caught my eye. If you feel a draft around your neck/shoulders, this would be absolutely perfect. Most cowls I've seen just cover the neck, but Sivia has designed this to come down over the tops of the shoulders too. You could put this on on a cold day and just go about your business without worrying about those sudden drafts that send shivers through you. I promise I'll have pictures and links next time so you can see what I mean. It's a great design, and I plan to make more than one.

The weather around here has finally settled down, and it looks like it'll be good enough for John to fly this weekend. He always complains about forgetting how if he can't go as often as he'd like to. He has a flight planned to transport some puppies from Livermore to Medford, Oregon. It's a little longer than he'd like (especially with a bunch of whiny puppies), but if the weather looks good the whole way, he'll finally be able to his first flight in for this charity group. He's really looking forward to being able to do this, and I can't think of a better cause; helping animals on death row get to their new forever homes.

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